A couple of months ago I didn’t know much about cooking. Admittedly, Matt has had much more experience and has also taught me a lot of tips on the way. Now we’re learning from each other and it’s so much fun 🙂

For the purpose of guiding beginners the way I was guided, we will sometimes be posting simpler recipes and ‘how to’ guides to make life simpler for those who are just starting to experiment with food or for those who have steered clear of certain foods because they weren’t sure how to cook/make them.

So I will be needing your help with this one! Yes, that’s right. Please leave comments with foods you’d like tips on; we’ll do our research, experiment and get back to you.


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    well I don’t cook :-(. However sometimes I do experiment so if I have anything to ask i’ll tell you 🙂


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    Thanks alison .. if you’re curious about anything or wonder how something would be made let us know!

Comments are appreciated.. say your bit!