It’s been a few weeks since I’ve gone on a low carb diet now. The fact that I’ve lost count can only mean one thing – I’ve settled into it. I don’t feel tortured. I don’t wave everything off at a wedding, I’ll have a slice of gorgeous Maltese bread if it’s really fresh (just 1 slice, not half a loaf), and I’ll taste a couple of chips if I know they’re good. I’ve even had small portions of sugar-laden dessert a couple of times! Having said that, if I’ve ingested quite a few carbs I’ll try to ‘make up’ for it for the next day or two by avoiding carbs altogether or just having very little. Balance is key.

What happens when I crave my favourite pasta sauce or a nice juicy burger? This happens..

I made my favourite pasta sauce, but I didn’t make the pasta. Instead I had it alongside some oven-cooked ribs.

Burger anyone?

100% steak-hache beef burgers on top of a thick slice of grilled aubergine and bacon, covered in Red Leicester. I think you can guess, I didn’t really miss the bread.

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