Some of you may be waiting to hear about how the performances of ‘As The Dust Settles’ went.. I am overwhelmed. First off, the actors made me proud. Each performance was unique and brought out different emotions. They worked hard in that claustrophobic and damp environment of the WWII shelter. So thank you Alba (who also directed btw), David and Naomi ! Also a big thank you to Warren who helped out with PR and logistics and made my life easier in general.

Photo by Mia Scerri

Photo by Mia Scerri

The play was received well, with so many people wanting to discuss their feelings about what it meant to them. Wanting to talk and delve deeper into moments that, after all, connect us through our different experiences. Others just said ‘thank you’ and gave me a meaningful hug (even people I had never met before!). Others still wanted to read more of my poetry. I still have to figure that one out.. (SUGGESTIONS?)

In any case, this is what it’s all about. Makes all the work worthwhile 🙂

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