Honey and mustard are two condiments that most people would have in their cupboards already.. so this makes for a great lazy dinner. If they’re not in your cupboard already, you really should consider dropping everything right now and going out to get some. Now.

you’ll need:

boneless chicken thighs // or you can use breasts I guess it’ll be the same
1 tablespoon butter (I added a tad of olive oil too so that the butter doesn’t burn)
1 onion diced
2 cloves of garlic minced
1 tblspn mustard
3 tblspn honey
1/2 tspn salt
1/8 tspn pepper
(other optional veg)

In a pan use the butter to brown one side of the chicken (and cook any veg of your choice) for about 10 minutes
Throw in all the other ingredients and turn chicken, keep cooking for another 10-13 minutes stirring occasionally. The honey sticks and browns but the chicken won’t be burning it’s just the coating getting blackish. Serve with either rice or couscous. I made couscous and stirred it in with the leftover gravy.

I find that with these measurements you can taste the honey much more than the mustard, so the next time I’ll be adding more mustard to the mixture. It depends on the individual really.

Also, this seems like a good recipe to make if you’re having guests over as it’s easy to handle and tastes pretty impressive in my opinion. Enjoy!

Comments are appreciated.. say your bit!