Making good use of leftovers is something important to learn if you want to avoid throwing a lot of food out. It’s generally a good idea to try it the very next day, but it depends a lot on the type of food and for how long it keeps. A good indication is the smell – if you don’t like the smell of it then it’s probably gone off  or about to and it’s a very good idea to throw it away in that case.

In this instance I had some left over coleslaw salad – it has no dressing or mayo added to it.

In a dry pan place your salad together with a little bit of soy sauce and hoi sin sauce (or teriyaki – both optional).

In the mean time boil some pasta or rice until completely cooked. Drain and add to your cooked coleslaw. Stir until mixed, adding some olive oil or more soy sauce if necessary. Serve like this with fresh pepper or with grated feta/halloumi cheese on top.

This is also a great way or incorporating more vegetables into your meal!

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