Entertaining can sometimes be quite a stressful affair – and the last thing you want when your friends arrive is to be too tired to enjoy yourself! With a few tips and tricks and some experience, entertaining will become so much easier and more satisfying. After all, the whole point is to have fun, share and celebrate each other’s company.

Here are some of my tips:

  • Picking a date : Give yourself enough time to get ready for the event. You don’t always have to organise events on a Saturday night, but plan it so that you have some free hours and that you are not too rushed. Depending on the type of event, you might be able to prepare some things in advance.
  • Make lists : lists are your friends! Shopping list, chores list, lists of people who are attending etc. Write things down as you go along, and cross things off when they get done.. this will help you not to forget anything vital. If you’re providing food then it’s important to remember to buy everything and also remember to serve everything on the night! I often forget to serve something I would have prepared, I kid you not. Have you ever done this?
  • Consider which tasks may be tackled in advance. For example you may be able to prepare your decorations the weekend prior to your event. If it’s a themed party, scope the internet for ideas beforehand and get creative with what’s already lying around the house. Go to second-hand shops and bargain shops for cheap knick knacks (or just for ideas).
  • Consider the numbers. Do you have enough bowls/spoons/wine glasses for the number of people you’ve invited? You may want to borrow some extra cutlery or crockery for the occasion, or alternately buy disposable ones. Nowadays disposable doesn’t need to mean ‘cheap and ugly’ – you can get cups, plates and even wine glasses in pretty colours and sturdy formats. Provide a permanent marker so that each guest won’t need to look for a new glass every time they displace their drink. If you prefer, buy a set of glass markers (as shown below).
  • Enrol a friend / partner to help you. Only suitable for team players 🙂 If you prefer to do things yourself then this will be a dangerous situation for you. Otherwise, set yourselves some tasks (this is where the lists come in handy), put on some funky music and get to work.
  • Have lots of fun. This is the whole point of entertaining – so don’t forget to relax and take it easy.

Image from www.incrediblethings.com

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