Also know as ‘the soup with many optional ingredients’ – this soup started out as a simple potato soup, but it happened to inherit ingredients from the main dish as they were being prepared simultaneously.

you need:
onion finely chopped
butter for frying (about a tablespoon)
some wine, red or white – whatever you didn’t finish last night
potatoes peeled and chopped
a chicken breast, or boneless thigh defrosted (optional) // alternatively you can use ham
one or two eggs (optional)

fry onion in butter stirring until it is soft, add the wine and fry a bit more
dissolve a stock cube in about a litre of boiled water
add the whole thing to the onion and add the potatoes
leave to simmer for about 30 minutes – you don’t need to give it any attention but stir it occasionally if you want
if you want to add chicken or ham do it half way through simmering time
add raw egg or two slowly while stirring the boiling mixture – this is something similar to chinese soups 🙂
Blend the whole thing when potatoes are soft and chicken is cooked
add salt and pepper to taste

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