When we knew we were invited to a sashimi and pasta vongole night, I wanted to know about the process in detail; and since I couldn’t be there in person I requested for the process to be recorded photographically. Within a few minutes, the guest chef idea was born. Food is quite a hot topic and when you put together a number of people who love to cook or love to eat (or both) then food also becomes a very important topic. Do not mess with our food 🙂 Ever since we’ve started to cook more and especially since we’ve started the blog, food has been examined thoroughly at restaurants, fruit and veg have been prodded, culinary delights have been tasted in a more scientific manner. And more importantly.. a good meal just tastes even better than it used to!

On that night we tasted two of Lexi’s dishes. Here is the first – very simple.

  1. Find a good fishmonger
  2. Visit on a day when the weather has been good for 2 days or so (for it to be fresh… see?)
  3. Select your fish – we had salmon and tuna
  4. Ask for your fish to be filleted
  5. Mix lemon juice and chilli olive oil ( alternatively you can use normal olive oil with a few chillies crushed in a pestle and mortar)
  6. Pour over fish and serve

Ah… lemons, such extraordinary magical creatures!



Lock up the cats and dig in!


  1. Posted May 21, 2010 at 6:03 am | Permalink

    My friend does me Sashimi from time to time. It is one of my favourite foods hands down. I like it more than Sushi.

    These plates look mouth watering !!

    • Posted May 21, 2010 at 12:47 pm | Permalink

      The first time I tasted anything of the sort (sushi/sashimi etc) it was tuna sashimi… the taste is completely different and the texture is quite particular. Mmmmm!

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