According to the Huffington Post and several other publications, chicken is among the list of food trends of the year 2013.

“With the price of beef, lamb & pork soaring, restaurants have increasingly looked toward luxurious preparations of chicken as a viable meat entrée on moderately priced menus.” 

Due to this fact I had made a post with some of my favourite chicken recipe posts:

‘Envelope’ chicken is a no-fuss, no-mess (no promises here, ok?) go-to way to prepare chicken without having it dry up. Here is one I got from Jamie Oliver.


Even if you’re feeling lazy, there’s no need to make your chicken boring. Honey and mustard are usually in everyone’s kitchen (and if not, why not keep them there for this emergency dish?). Here is my take on honey and mustard chicken.


Peanut chili chicken – can you tell that I am a fan of the quick, easy and tasty? Well, the latter is rather obvious. And to be fair who isn’t a fan of something delicious that you can whip up easily? This is a great recipe for newbies.


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