With this method, everyone can have their favourite herbs/spices or condiments with their portion of chicken.

This is how I made mine (two ways).

I used boneless chicken thighs but you can also use breast meat and since you’ll be closing it in foil, it shouldn’t dry up.

Prepare a square piece of foil with ample space to fold over into an envelope shape and turn the edges twice to secure it.

Lay your chicken breast or boneless thigh in the middle of the foil sheet. Add your choice of condiments, I used:

– some sprigs of thyme, garlic slices from 1 clove and 1 tablespoon of olive oil

– 1/3 cup BBQ sauce and 2 chopped shallots

Preheat your airfryer or fan oven set at 200 degrees. Cook for 20 minutes, then pierce the envelope slightly with a fork, lower the heat to 180 degrees and cook for another 15 minutes. Let the envelope cool for a few minutes before opening and do so carefully as the steam coming out will be very hot.




Use your oven and a few ingredients to turn a wrap into a crispy I-can’t-believe-this-was-a-wrap marvel like this

Serve with halloumi which has been cut into 1-2cm slices and grilled on each side until they start to brown; accompanied by rucola and olives in this case. A side note on grilling halloumi – at first the cheese will start to melt slightly and stick to your pan so give it some time before flipping over and it won’t break apart.

You might also want to add: cucumber slices, a dipping sauce, capers, slices of boiled egg.