I first made this post almost a year ago and the article was found at The Times of Malta Christmas supplement. It’s been removed since so I’m reposting the method here (below the pictures).

 Photos (and samples) were taken by Raphael Borg Ellul Vincenti.You will need:

  • One bar of cooking chocolate about 150g

  • One tin of condensed milk about 400g

  • Two packets of nuts of about 150g each; we used roasted almonds and pecans

  • A dash of whisky

  • Two packets of biscuits; we used one packet of plain digestive biscuits and one packet of Marie biscuits

  • Butter cream icing or another bar of cooking chocolate

Grate the chocolate bar. Crush the biscuits and nuts. Alternatively, give them to a friend who needs some stress relief and step back.

In a very large bowl mix the grated chocolate, nuts, biscuits and condensed milk.

Wash your hands well and roll your sleeves up, this is the fun part. Using your hands, blend the ingredients together adding the whisky slowly until you make a tough paste that can be formed into shapes. Do not add too much whisky at one go so as not to make the mixture too wet.

When that is done, place the ‘dough’ on to a baking sheet and use the sheet to help you get a more uniform log shape. You can do this by rolling the sheet up around the dough and pressing as necessary along the sheet until you are satisfied with the shape.

At this point most recipes will call for a 12 hour stint in the fridge. The modern cook (i.e. me) decided that this was far too long a wait and so settled for a compromise – 1 hour in the freezer.

When that is done it is time to decorate your log with Yuletide cheer. Cover the log according to taste; either with icing, or you may prefer chocolate which was been melted bain-marie style. Bain-marie is a process in which a small container or pan is filled with the substance that needs heating. This is in turn placed in a larger pan which is filled with water and the whole apparatus is heated gently so as to avoid burning. Once you have covered your log with the melted chocolate, dip a fork in water and run it lightly through the chocolate before this starts to cool down and harden. This will create that bark-like effect.