On a recent trip to Madrid I couldn’t help but purchase some chorizo; so naturally you’ll be treated to a few recipes involving chorizo until it runs out. And probably for a while after that. You may use any good quality chorizo and also Italian salami in these recipes. In general, the Spanish variety will be more dry in texture than the Italian variety.

This recipe can be used for breakfast or any time of day. It provides an excellent, slow release energy boost that will keep you full for a while.

If you want an even more substantial meal check this BBC version. Yum!

You will need (2 portions):

1 medium sweet potato, peeled and cut into small cubes

1 medium onion, finely sliced

Chorizo, skinned and cut into small cubes (use as much as you deem necessary, I cut up a 10cm chunk and let the sweet potato be the bulk of my dish keeping in mind that the flavour imparted by the chorizo is quite strong)


I learned this fancy trick to cook sweet potato rather quickly and easily. Actually it’s neither fancy nor a trick 🙂 Basically you place your cut up sweet potato in a microwave-proof dish with half a glass of water and blast it on high for 6 minutes and voila, it’s done! It may be necessary to drain the excess water but be careful as it will be very hot.

In the meantime, fry your chorizo on low heat until it starts to brown and release oil. Remove from the heat, but keep the oil to fry your onions in until they are translucent. Add the sweet potato and chorizo and mix together, frying until the sweet potato starts to brown slightly.

Serve with coriander and Greek yoghurt (or sour cream, if you’re feeling indulgent).


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