I have a confession to make first – I’m not usually a huge fan of panto. Last year I decided to give Summer Panto a go – some friends were over on holiday and despite suspecting that they might not understand all the jokes (local politics, comments in Maltese) we decided to start our night there. We didn’t regret it, there was much laughter and even some gasping!

This year is no different – with a strong cast of actors who aren’t afraid to dare, bare and make fun of everything and themselves, Jack and His Beanstalk offers a night of laughter and pearl-clutching moments.

In my books the winning formula is the easy mix of toilet humour, politics and current affairs, in a way that it didn’t feel like too much of one and not the other. Despite the temptation for many local productions of the kind to rely on cheap tricks, this was not a recycling of puns and crass words that some of us are getting tired of. Instead, Antsinpants productions offers you an evening of fun and laughter that will leave you chuckling for days to come. There are some things that you can never un-see…!

Take yourself and your sense of humour out tonight – but watch out for that golden egg!

Tickets here.

Photo by Sergio Morana

Photo by Sergio Morana

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