In my head these strawberry cups are known as ‘Dessert cheat’ too and I think that if you examine the above picture you can quickly decipher why.

You will need:

  • cookies
  • fresh strawberries
  • apple chips
  • raspberry chocolate jam
  • cream (there are far healthier ones than the one I used at this occasion) or use custard or ice-cream (if you’re about to serve only)

Assemble in a martini glass in the following order:

Crumble 1 or 2 cookies for the bottom of your glass

Top this up with 2 tablespoons of cream/custard/ice cream

Place a few apple chips and top up with a small dollop of raspberry chocolate jam on one side

Place some chopped strawberries on the other side of the glass

Keep refrigerated if not serving immediately.

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