A couple of weeks ago I attended the opening of Rupert Cefai’s exhibition titled “Tiers of Truth.. extended” at Christine X / Artitude gallery. This exhibition is on until the 24th of April so do make your way there in the next few days if you like what you see (pictures below).

I found his art different; a haunting feeling emanating through the layers of mixed media; a mystery waiting to be discovered. Some paintings gave me the shivers and I just couldn’t understand why. I was immediately intrigued and wanted to know more.

So I did 🙂 Here is an interview with the man himself.

M: When did you notice that you were inclined towards art? How did this make you feel?

R: Art has always been part of my life and always part of my education. Adding to this, one of my parents was involved in the organisation of cultural events thus exposing me to cultural and artistic events such as exhibitions at quite an early stage. At school, art was always one of my subjects and was lucky to study under artists like Harry Alden, Paul Haber, and Alfred Chircop. So really and truly, there was no particular point when my interest started. Having said that, there was a turning point when I realised that I could be an artist, One day in my late teens, Kevin J. Drake saw a couple of my works and his comment made me realise that my work can interest others. It was like being able to tell stories and all of a sudden I had an audience who enjoyed listening. 

M: Was your talent encouraged and received well by those close to you?

R: In a way yes but for the wrong reasons. I always got encouraged because art was useful to do other things, like being an architect or some other some other design professional. So I got carried away in that direction until one day I realised that that’s a world that I cannot fit into. It took me quite some time to grasp the notion that being an artist was a possibility but once I realised that, there was no turning back.

Ridi Pagliaccio
M: How did you feel at your first exhibit? Has this experience altered over the years?

R: It was like walking nude down republic street on a saturday morning. Feeling totally exposed and all eyes on you. In a way, it does get better, you learn to enjoy the breeze but on the other hand it’s a little bit worse. You need to better yourself with every new collection.   

M: What is your most memorable experience whilst creating?

R: Those moments when without expecting it, things happen and they happen beautifully. It’s those moments when you realise that things are working, that the work is paying off. 

M: Do you have any other creative outlets?

R: Yes, I am a cartoonist and contribute regularly to local newspapers and love Argentine Tango, which unfortunately, have abandoned lately. 

M: What’s next?

R: I have been invited to exhibit again in London, so working on the logistics of that, I am working on a collaborative project in Germany which has been in the pipeline for quite a while and planning a major exhibition here in Malta. 

Discover more about Rupert here:  http://www.rupertcefai.com/en/blog

Read about Christine X / Artitude gallery here: https://www.facebook.com/CHRISTINEXartgallery


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