It’s finally getting cold on our little island Malta … we take our time easing into Autumn… and with the colder seasons come the warmer dishes! Yes, it’s finally soup season. Healthy, nutritious. filling, satisfying and so easy to make. I like to make a few extra portions for the next day or to freeze for another time when I’m too busy to cook. The fresh soup made with good ingredients is always the best though.

If you’re going to freeze a soup that contains cream, omit the cream and then add it once you reheat it.

Here are some of my favourites:

I cannot possibly forget to mention my very first post, one of the reasons my blog came to be – The Red Soup. This soup was the kind of phenomenon that’s very hard to reproduce. It may have been my inexperience with making my own soups back then, or some other series of undetermined coincidences; in any case something made it taste really good.

This Thai green curry soup is probably not ideal for beginners, it is quite high maintenance and requires a lot of attention. However, don’t be discouraged by the large amount of ingredients – despite the time invested in it, it is not so difficult to make and the final result is worth your while.

The broccoli and Stilton soup is one I’ve made several times. You can turn this recipe into a low carb version by substituting the potatoes with a teaspoon of cornflour. The cornflour still contains carbs but the small amount used will decrease your overall carb content by a lot!

I first made the Moroccan chickpea soup for a themed night. It is so marvellously easy to make and provides the kind of slow-release energy that is vital on those cold afternoons at work. Pour it into a mug, wrap your fingers around it and spoon up that bite.

Which are your favourite soups?

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