I love love love party food- who doesn’t? .. and when you’re pressed for time but want something that tastes good and looks even better this is a good one to start with.

You will need large fresh tomatoes and courgettes. Choose the tomatoes that are still quite stiff and that are flat at the top. With a very sharp knife cut slices into the tomato stopping at around 1cm from the bottom. The best is to cut quarters and then cut these in half again so that you’ll get symmetry. Slice the courgettes quite finely and place 1/2 slices of courgette in between the tomato slices. When this is done drizzle olive oil over it and any other herbs or spices of your choice. Parmesan is also an interesting option. I used oregano and black pepper over mine. Place the stuffed tomato in the oven until the slices start to separate and the tomato opens up a little bit. Warn your guests that it will be very hot at first.. Feel free to leave comments with your party food suggestions!


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