A delicious, colourful and easy dip!

You’ll need:

  • a tub of cream cheese
  • pesto (regular, or any other. I used sundried tomato)
  • fresh parsley

Remove the cheese from it’s tub and onto a serving plate. At this point you can choose to leave your cheese in its original shape or get more creative with it.. victorian, georgian, gothic, neo-classical. Alternatively, throw your cheese away for the minimalist look. In any case, shape your cheese to your tastes.

Get a large dollop of pesto and smear it over the cheese so that it is covered generously – leave a narrow margin all around if you prefer the white colour to be showing through.

Rinse your parsley leaves and dry them to remove any animal excrement that may have come into contact with it. I have my own growing in a little pot in what is becoming my herb garden, if you have any other herb which you prefer feel free to use something different.

Surround your dip with crackers, crisps, bread sticks etc

A big THANK YOU to Karen for the suggestion

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