Winter, as always, brings along with it an array of colds, sore throats, allergies, respiratory tract infections etc as attested by the current longer queues at doctors’ clinics and pharmacies. Being a pharmacist by profession, I strongly believe in modern and evidence-based medicine and that these medicines have given us a better quality of life in general. However that is not to say that natural and herbal remedies don’t have their place in healthcare

Ever the scientist, I don’t believe it till I try it. And boy have I been underestimating some of these remedies! I suspect that there might be a few of these entries coming up in the future. Please note that even herbal remedies have contraindications and some treatments need to be used sparingly. Always acquire the necessary information before trying something out. And always, always, always seek the advice of a professional if you’re not sure which treatment is suitable for you.

Disclaimer over..

In the meantime, here is my first post on Sage tea.

Simply infuse 6-8 leaves in hot water. Note that the leaves may be used a second time. As you can imagine, the taste is bitter and takes a bit of getting used to. However, it’s not as bad as it sounds and may be rendered more agreeable with the addition of some honey / agave nectar / sugar or other sweetener of your choice. Optional: lemon juice.

Try this a couple of times a day. Wrap some leaves up in tissue paper and have it on the go too.

I used it to treat a sore throat and was very pleased with the results. Please note that the throat was NOT infected and that there was no fever present. This would require a trip to your healthcare professional !

Sage has a number of medicinal purposes. You can read more information here and here.

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