I’ve discovered this great thing where I use rucola (arugola) and coriander as a base for my salads. The peppery flavours go really well together and are ideal if you’re not into basing your salads on mountains of lettuce – and I have learned that most people aren’t into that at all.


For this salad:

Rucola that has been torn by hand into more manageable pieces

Coriander, finely cut with kitchen scissors

Artichoke hearts (canned product), chopped

Tomatoes, seeds removed, chopped and with some rock salt added

Goat’s Cheese cubes

Chopped Gherkins

Wild Boar sausage pieces (omit for vegetarian version)

Drizzle of olive oil

Pinch of salt

If you’re going to be serving this later, keep the tomatoes and olive oil separate and add just before eating . It’s important to use a good olive oil. This will make all the difference!!


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