Sometimes you just want MEAT and there’s much to learn about where to get the freshest from, which cut you prefer and how to cook which cut and when where how who etcetera

It is food, and like art, there is so much that varies according to taste. I have friends who retch at the idea of having a bloody piece of meat in their plate, and others who will not have it otherwise. I’ve seen chefs emerging from their subterranean kitchens to make shocked faces and who blatantly refuse to cook (kill) your meat to a ‘well done’.

Well, to each their own.. but there is a certain art in keeping the blood INSIDE the meat and yet barely cooking it. I seem to have managed this one..

First – select your meat. Be picky. Only get the best. It is going to cost much less than a restaurant in any case. I picked rib eye.

Heat your pan before placing anything in it. Then throw a handful of rock salt and a good dollop of olive oil. This is going to be a very simple dish so use only the best extra virgin olive oil.

Now.. the meat. The best way to describe how you’re going to cook it for a rare rib eye is CHOOP CHOOP. No, I don’t believe that’s actually a word. What it means is that you’re going to be very careful to get it just as you want it. I’d say that once the pan is hot you only need about 2-3 minutes on each side. Et Voila… if you’ve done this right… no blood.

The proof is on the plate!


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    Mmmmm nom nom nom. I’m so hungry now!

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