The fennel bulb is a fantastic thing to use raw or cooked in salads and a variety of other dishes if you like the taste of licorice or aniseed. Following my cauliflower cheese craze, I decided to have a go at recreating something similar, but this time with a fennel bulb. You may want to try a small portion at first; despite it’s known beneficial effects there are also some unpleasant side effects (most commonly flatulence) that may affect some people.

Remove the stalk and chop off the end of the bulb. Chop roughly and wash thoroughly under running water as there may be soil between the segments.

Bring to the boil and simmer for 10 minutes until these start to soften. Heat your oven to 130 degrees Celsius.

Place in an oven dish; drizzle single cream and place chunks of creamy Stilton on top of the bulb pieces. Sprinkly with freshly ground pepper according to taste.

Place in the oven for another ten minutes or until the edges just begin to brown.

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    Looks good

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