Foodie block, it happens to the best of us; luckily the internet is around so we can browse delicious recipes and get hungry at odd times. With summer approaching, most of us will be eating more seafood; so here’s a little help if you’re stuck for ideas when cooking prawns.


Oriental style prawn balls can be served hot or cold and with a sauce of your choice. These are ideal for sharing and for themed nights such as ‘fish night’ or ‘oriental night’. Incidentally, these were made for a ‘bento box’ night. There you go, another idea.. You can make these earlier, which gives you more time to get dolled up for the party!

Coconut rice can be served with a number of meat, fish or vegetable dishes and is also easy to make. You can prepare this a day in advance as long as you let it cool completely and then refrigerate until ready to serve. It is a twist on the usual method of cooking rice and you’ll be able to turn up with something a little bit out-of-the-norm. Ideal for ‘Caribbean’ or ‘Indian’ themed nights, among others.

Thai aubergine and prawn salad is another quick one for when you don’t have much time to cook. It can be served warm of cold. If you want a vegetarian dish, simply omit the prawns and the dish is just as interesting. You will need to plan ahead as the ingredient list might not include your common pantry products, but once you have everything, it’s easy to set up. An excellent dish for newbies to impress in the kitchen.

Skewered prawns are also a good one for newbies, although time and patience are required. These are better served warm. Be warned that they are very moreish; it takes a couple of hours to make but very little time to eat. This is a low carbohydrate and low GI recipe.

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