For a stir fry I like to chop most of the veg in good-sized chunks. If you’ll be using it to make wraps, you don’t want small pieces to start falling out the moment you start to eat it. Inevitably something will fall out, but at least you avoid some of the mess..! The onion (if cooked) is an exception. These I like to chop in small bits and frying them till they’re this gorgeous brown colour. The addition of some water during frying helps to achieve that.

My “secret” ingredients for a stir fry are: Hoi Sin sauce, soy sauce (quite a lot of this) and sesame oil. Go easy on the sesame oil if it’s your first time as it has a strong flavour and may overpower the dish. I generally add these in the beginning and taste as I go along, generally adding more as I add ingredients but before throwing in the meat.

Add your veg according to how long they take to cook. If you’re going to use green peppers like I did, I suggest adding these after the onion starts to brown and long before adding any other veg. Roast some pine nuts in a separate pan or make some space at the side of your wok so that they’re roasted before adding to the rest of the stir fry.

Add mushrooms last but beware of their habit of filling your stir fry with liquid. Finally add your meat if desired.

Place in the centre of the tortilla wrap and fold. The use of lettuce and mayonnaise will help keep everything together but you may not want to do this to avoid masking the other flavours. You may also serve with sour cream and Tabasco sauce.

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