Today I’d like to write to you about another thing that rocks my world – poetry. I’ve been writing since my teens, and until a few years ago I was a closet writer. Then through a series of events, I started sharing my poetry. I got a taste of what it’s like to give someone joy, to make a knowing smile run across their eyes, to make them feel understood. There was no going back. My writing got stronger until I was ready to publish.

Here I am, announcing my upcoming poetry book entitled ‘Pomegranate Heart’ (do you see how I couldn’t get very far from the culinary theme?) which will be published this May 2015. It will be a limited first edition, so if you want to get your paws on one, don’t wait too long 🙂

featuring the ‘star’ poem Pomegranate Heart of course

She counts the seeds
Of my pomegranate heart
The same, always the same
No matter how many times she counts.
Her fingers are stained
And though she may wash and scrub
There I will be
In her skin, lodged in places
Where she cannot wash me out

– poem by Miriam Calleja

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