This compote was born out of the need to make my panna cotta fancier, prettier and obviously tastier (not that it needed any of those things, really, because it was amazing). I made this up on the spot and happily it worked!

You will need the following to make 4 portions:

– 2 persimmons, peeled and bone removed

– 1 shot rum

– 1 teaspoon brown sugar

– optional pirate to pour the rum (see below)

Yes I understand… but where’s the rum gone?

Place all ingredients in a pan and cook on medium heat, stirring gently until the mixture starts to bubble. You may want to mash it up slightly against the sides of your pan for a smoother finish. Or skilfully use a handheld blender without turning your kitchen orange and sticky. You only need to cook for a minute or two after the bubbling starts. As it cools down you will find that it will solidify and it will be easy to scoop out and place on your panna cotta.

2013-10-28 17.57.01

Persimmons are high in pectin (a type of soluble fiber found in the cell walls and intracellular tissue of plants), which means that it will form as jelly-like substance when sugar is added.

I reheated it slightly just before adding to the panna cotta and serving and the result was divine.

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