As the weather cools down and some of us mourn the Summer months, there is a silver lining – changing back to entertaining indoors. Delightful dips, cute canapes and moreish finger food aplenty!

Today I’m digging through my archives for recipes for dips – something that tends to make an appearance at most parties I would say.

You will probably need to serve crackers or bread sticks to be on the safe side, but you can also serve with sliced vegetables such as carrots, cucumber and celery.

How to make hummus (smooth, with chickpeas and sesame paste, vegetarian and dairy-free)


How to make fig balsamic dip (fruity and chunky, with cream cheese, vegetarian)

fig balsamic dip

How to make a tuna dip or paste without cream cheese (no cheese, spreadable and ideal for sandwiches)

How to make raita (serve with curries or other spicy dishes to cool them down or as a dip in its own right, low carb if you use Greek yoghurt, vegetarian)

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