Following the post on how to make pancakes, here comes my next trick 🙂

The versatility of pancakes can make for a very casual, easy snack but also for a more impressive, delicious treat. Once again this doesn’t take much effort – you will just need some good quality ingredients (i.e. fine foods) to make a pancake that will give your guests satisfied grins.

These products are from Dical House

First off a product for those who love very sweet, luxurious things:


Full-bodied “Satongo” chocolate is crafted from a blend of cocoa beans cultivated in three African countries: Sao Tome, Ghana, and Tanzania. This tastes more like a raspberry jam than a chocolate paste, with an aftertaste of dark, bitter chocolate. Due to it’s sweetness a little bit will go a long way and would suit a fruit/nut combo perfectly. I’m also thinking crushed biscuits would work really well. In this case I used it alone to get the full flavour of the product.


The second choice was special in that I had never thought of combining this with a pancake: Torrone. Now there’s no going back.. this is how you do it: First prepare the pancake as per usual, but before it cooks completely on the second side place a couple of slices of the torrone on the surface, after a few seconds fold the pancake and let the topping start to melt. This Torrone comes in two varieties, one is chocolate coated and the other not. The heat brings out citrusy and nutty flavours that I could not taste before. The chocolate is amazing too, both are a real treat.



Other pancake ideas:

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