When it comes to seafood, fresh is always best. In real life though, you don’t always have the time to obtain this and your favourites may not be in season. Don’t let that stop you from enjoying seafood at other times – it is possible to find good quality products in the freezer section too. Seafood such as mussels, prawns and calamari rings will not take a long time to defrost. For this recipe you need to leave the mussels out for a short while before using.

While we were making the prawns and calamari we saved some of the butter and parsley sauce to use on the mussels. Spoon some sauce into each mussel. The result was pleasantly surprising – once cooked, the butter mixture forms a slightly crunchy layer on top of the mussel and seals the juicy mussel inside. This procedure sort of mimics the use of breadcrumbs (but without the carbs).

Place in a hot oven until the top starts to brown – about 20 minutes. They will leak a little bit so it is best to use baking paper. Serve hot. If you have guests, you may want to detach the mussel from its anchor with a fork before serving.

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