Today I have a little something special for Halloween – a guest post about a delicious carrot cake a friend of mine made, which I was lucky enough to taste (twice:))


Can you bake a spooky cake?

As anyone who follows my food blog Marie’s Cuisine would know, I do not provide recipes, but I do provide an outlook on how food makes me feel. A Halloween themed carrot cake I made for a friend caught our dear fellow blogger Miriam’s eye and therefore this guest post has come about.
I love Halloween. I loved it as a kid in Canada that is. When I came to Malta and was presented the alternative in the form of Carnival, I must say I was not amused. The two do not compare I’m afraid. Knocking on people’s doors demanding candy totally trumps a vulgar neon float.
However, Halloween seems to be creeping in slowly on our little island with a few parties here and there and that’s how I conjured this cake.
I used buttercream icing which I coloured orange, which turned out to be disaster number one. I miscalculated the yellow and ended up with a more coral kind of icing rather than orange. I also got yellow colouring everywhere and I ended up looking jaundiced for a couple of days…hepatitis anyone? Now that’s scary.
Disaster number two was the fact that I’m awful with a piping bag. Seriously. Some time ago I tried to make light blue swirls on cupcakes for a friend’s baby shower and it looked as if Papa Smurf took a dump all over my confections. So this time I went uber simple: I used white ready-made frosting already in a tube, ready for the piping. I made a little spider web and it turned out pretty decent. By then I felt as if my cake decorating talents were spent and I bought a Cadbury special Halloween spider. I’m not proud, but I was sick of the smell of sugar. My nose is sensitive.
And there you have it folks, another messy but delicious misadventure from my kitchen. Now you can go back to scrolling through Miriam’s lovely and well put-together meals.

Happy Halloween all

And finally, a pic of Marie-Claire in her Halloween get up. Visit her website for more!


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