There are days when inspiration is lacking; and these are the days when I go to my favourite bloggers to get my creative juices flowing. As in most art forms, and I do consider culinary skills to be just that, when it comes to cooking creativity also begets creativity. A slump in ideas just means you need to work that little bit harder to get it right. The results, in these cases, may be more satisfying than usual.

So when I came across this idea by Elsie from Abeautifulmess I was itching to try it out. So simple! So convenient! And there was the appeal of waiting on this little project that was mighty tempting too. I’m not a very patient girl, you see. Here goes.. you will need:

180ml of plain vodka
1 vanilla pod

Vodka?? I hear you say. Do I want vodka in my cupcakes? Yes you do! The alcohol content will evaporate as your cupcakes/muffins/cakes bake, leaving you with the vanilla taste and no alcoholic aftertaste!

Split your vanilla pod in half and place in a squeaky clean jar. Make sure you have a lid that closes well. Cover your vanilla pod with your measurement of vodka. Wait, wait, wait…


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