The induction exercise may be viewed as a somewhat drastic measure – although to be honest it is rather mild compared to some really unbalanced diets or crash diets that are out there. It seems to me that followers of the Atkins induction phase are encouraged to eat a lot of fats in the first two weeks. I ate more fats than I normally would in the first two weeks; however I couldn’t get myself to overdo it. Smothering a small side salad of mangetout with a spoonful of butter is as far as I got. The indulgence was wonderful but I only did it once.

This exercise has made me think about the discrepancies between our perceptions of food and the reality of the matter. Do we really know enough? For most of us the answer is a definite NO. Perhaps we need to question what we think we know, and check how much of it is hearsay. Maybe we need to unlearn certain “facts”. Even for those involved in the topic of health (like myself) there may be still a long way to go in understanding what’s going on.

I don’t imagine that we need to examine each and every mouthful and take the enjoyment out of our meals. Not at all, actually. Education will actually enhance the experience in that we are more able to appreciate the value of foods and the marvellous bodies we have been given.

Again, I will acknowledge the fact that this will not be many people’s choice and I am in no way condemning anyone else’s lifestyle.

Just one final point however – It’s been almost one month now and my previous lifestyle seems like an overindulgence in carbohydrates that verges on the addictive. It’s true that it is sometimes inconvenient, but there are other choices. I am now perfectly happy with a very different ratio and my body is teaching me just how much of it I need. The fact that I am now so much more tuned to my body’s needs because of this exercise has had me gain a new-found respect for it. If you’re going to embark on this lifestyle, do keep this in mind. There is a lot to gain by focusing on the long-term goals.

And hey, you’ll fit right into your favourite pair of jeans again!

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