Remember the post on cauliflower ‘rice’? Well here is another idea that really worked. Don’t forget to cook the cauliflower ‘rice’ in a pan before using, otherwise the taste isn’t so great in my opinion. I just used some olive oil, salt and pepper and swished it around the pan for a few minutes. Let it cook completely before refrigerating for later use or adding the following ingredients.

For this salad add:

chopped, boned olives

cheese of your choice (I used provolone)

chopped green pepper (incidentally read about the differences here, if any. I have noticed a difference in sweetness and amount of seeds between 3-lobed and 4-lobed peppers, but I am not entirely convinced yet. So the claim that ‘Male bell peppers are best for cooking. Female bell peppers are sweeter and best for salads etc.’ is yet unfounded. No such thing as male and female peppers. Ever the scientist!)


a dash each of olive oil and apple cider vinegar

Mix well and keep refrigerated until it’s time to eat.


Comments are appreciated.. say your bit!