I’m quoting this word for word, as I found it really amusing. Much to my dismay (relief?) I am actually posting a recipe without having sampled it, which I’ve never done before. Rules are there to be broken right? I’m not sure how I feel about smoked eel in the first place, although in some countries it’s considered a breakfast food (!). I’m pretty sure that I have not seen it in the supermarkets locally either. Here goes:

My culinary philosophy has always been driven by laziness. Minimum
washing-up. Minimum utensils. Minimum preparation time. Minimum
effort. I’d rather lounge about than eat. So this dish fits in

I was inspired by a charming trip I’d undertaken to my local Monoprix.
The unsmiling North African cashiers would BLIP each item BLIP and
BLIP and BLIP and that was it. You could say it was inspired by
mundane existence.

Smoked eel salad

Smoked eel
rocket+watercress+other green leafy stuff
cherry tomatoes
tomato paste (essential ingredient: really brings out the flavour of
smoked fishy stuff)
olive oil

Just throw everything on a plate and drizzle oil on top.

Preparation time:
30 seconds

Anything, if you have it. Eau de Perrier if you don’t. Or plain Paris
tap water (delicious when you’re on a budget).

The dish must be eaten while gazing wistfully out of the window in
the general direction of the Tour Eiffel.

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