You may have noticed that my posts have drastically slowed down as I am currently using up a lot of my creative energy on the big yearly ‘le salon’ event. I’m sticking to old and trusted recipes when cooking, so new things are rarely coming up at the moment. Please bear with me dear readers. Also, if you’re local (living in Malta) you may be interested in┬áthe event itself!

This year the theme of dance was picked, so the food will be chosen to emulate a feeling of freedom, lightness, playfulness and anything evocative of this wonderful thing. When do you dance? When you feel joyful? Nostalgic? In love? I will soon be able to give you updates on the food that will be presented during our high tea too ­čÖé

In the meantime, have a look at an example of last year’s pairing of food with poetry here.


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