The trick with Mojitos is the layers he says.

It’s like Spring. You need to perfect the art of layering. Cocktail making is a serious business. One oversight and not only is the texture all wrong, but you’re freezing your **** off.

Ok, I might have made up this last part.

This is his version:

First off mush up the brown sugar and mint together. Ideally with a pestle and mortar. But hey, we’re not all pharmacists here 😉

 Use about one teaspoon of sugar and a couple of sprigs of mint for each large glass of Mojito.

Start your layers with a couple of leaves of mint and crushed ice / chips.

Throw in more mint and your teaspoon of brown sugar in the middle. Add a lime quarter, squeezing its juices out into the glass first. (Apparently at this point we had run out of limes and switched to lemons) Add more ice chips.

Top up with a generous tot of rum (e.g.Bacardi) and some sparkling water or lemonade. Cheers!

*apologies for writing this in an err.. inebriated tone..

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