I find it hilarious that this recipe is being referred to (in some cooking forums) as ‘internet potatoes’; I figure that it’s because the pretty pictures of these glorious potatoes have been doing the rounds. In other places they have also been called ‘accordion potatoes’. Fair enough – let’s have them then, these musical www potatoes. The actual name – Hasselback Potatoes – derives from the fact that they were first made (officially, I guess) at the Hasselbacken Restaurant in Stockholm some time in the 18th century.

This recipe might take some time as you will need to slice through each potato several times (at about 5mm intervals or thinner if you like), carefully leaving the bottom intact. One trick I have read about is to place chopsticks on both sides of the potato, prior to slicing to prevent inadvertently slicing all the way through.

Drizzle the potatoes with olive oil or place a small knob of butter on each one. Add salt and pepper according to taste. I’ve seen these made with slices of cheddar tucked in between the slices (you may want to add this some time into cooking as they will take a while and the cheese might burn). There are all sorts of other varieties of course.

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As they cook the slices will pan out like fleshy crisps that are still attached at the base. Perfect.

Cook in a 180-200 degree fan oven for about 40 minutes, depending on size.

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