An excuse to party, dress up and make weird food.. I’m in!!

You will need the following:


– disposable gloves

– roasted puffed corn / anything yellow or green of approximately the same size

– popped corn (let it cool before using)

– string

– nail polish (optional)

* Rinse the disposable gloves thoroughly from the outside as well as the inside and let them dry naturally. Turn them inside out and let them dry again. Please note that these gloves are already fragile to begin with, and that they become even easier to tear once they’ve been washed and handled.

Fill the glove fingers with puffed corn. Most recipes will tell you to just use one in each ‘finger’ as the nail, but I found that most popped corn will be too big to descend into the ‘fingers’, so I preferred to fill the whole ‘finger’ with the puffed corn and the rest of the ‘hand’ with the popped corn.

Be careful as you fill the gloves since these will tear easily. Once the glove is filled tie up the open end with string.

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