There are a number of great restaurants around the island which serve traditional Maltese cuisine. Out of the ones I’ve visited so far, Gululu in St. Julian’s has struck out as having the most interesting and vast menu.

I have to admit that I have a soft spot for anyone including dishes like froga tat-tarja in their menu. (Also, check out Davinia’s version here, yum!) So homey and comforting and good-childhood-memory inducing 🙂

I went there on a Monday night and the place was packed to the brim – so it is probably advisable to book a table beforehand. It is a popular tourist spot, unsurprisingly, because of it’s fantastic location in Spinola bay.

You will need to decide which way to go when ordering. Some dishes are extremely filling and you won’t be able to combine them with anything else unless you’re a huge eater. For example it’s a good idea to tackle the Ftira l-Forn on its own (and perhaps preferably at lunch time!) unless you’re sharing or you haven’t eaten in 3 days.

Since we couldn’t decide on which starters to have, they kindly offered to make a platter with mixed fritters for us. These were: tuna, cauliflower, salt-cod and neonati (fritturi tat-Tisfija). I was particularly looking forward to the Sfinnec tal-Bakkalja (deep-fried salt-cod in batter) as I’d had them before, but this time they were far too salty and slightly too oily for my taste. The other fritters were extremely tasty and the flavours much more delicate and balanced.

After a brief moment of confusion over my order for mains, I chose the fresh Sea bass which was plain grilled and served with roasted vegetables and baked potatoes. I forgot all about the confusion and having to re-order the moment I tasted the first morsel of sea bass. Cooked to perfection, juicy and definitely fresh. The baked potatoes melt in your mouth and there is no doubt that they taste so… Maltese.

The primary purpose for having dinner at this restaurant was for my guest to taste their typical Maltese fried rabbit (incidentally – don’t you just love the phrase ‘mtektek bl-inbid‘ – stellar! The tongue-in-cheek element of this phrase would be lost in translation, but it basically sounds like the rabbit got slaughtered on wine).

The mains took long enough to arrive (as I said, the place was packed).. and the conversation took a morbid turn when we were wondering how you’d choose a rabbit for consumption if presented with a bunch of live ones. Much like you’d walk over to the lobster aquarium.. and.. thankfully the mains arrived eventually.

I’m told that the rabbit was finger-licking good. I cannot give an opinion because it is one of the few dishes that I do not enjoy eating, so it will need to be a second-hand review in this case. I quote “Animals have a right… to be tasty” and this bunny was indeed deemed to be very tasty.

Be it a crunchy bread dish, fried starters, fish or furry animal that you choose to eat – please do yourself a favour and leave some space for sweets. Share if you must. The Mqaret bil-gelat (date fritters with ice cream) are particularly fluffy and delicious; the combination of the hot, ambrosial mqaret and the cold, sweet ice cream mouth-watering.

Overall – the place could do with a slight improvement in service but you could tell that they were trying their best in any case. It is good value for money. The wine list, in my limited and humble opinion, contained some great choices too.

Comments are appreciated.. say your bit!