This dish was born out of the need for something quick, simple and yummy.  Ok, ok.. most of our dishes are, but on this particular occasion we were both really hungry.   Luckily, Miriam had bought a huge gammon steak, and we dug up some unused ingredients from a small party a few nights before.   After some rummaging around, we had:

2 pieces of gammon, each approximately 2cm thick

2 tomatoes


2 eggs

sliced cheese

1 apple

Starting with the gammon, place in a frying pan with just a drop of oil or butter. Cook on a medium flame. Naturally, cooking time will depend on the size of the steaks, but this is the longest process of the whole recipe.

In the meantime, slice the tomatoes and mozzarella, and place them on the plate in alternating slices.   Dress with some olive oil and a touch of balsamic vinegar (balsamic glaze is even better if you have a bottle lying around).    Sprinkle a little basil or oregano if you wish.

Whilst keeping an eye on the gammon, peel and cut the apple into slices.   Put the apple in the pan once you turn the gammon over and cook simultaneously.   You can also use pineapple instead of apple.

As soon as the gammon and apple are done, remove from the pan and place on the plate.   Now, break two eggs into the pan. once the egg white starts cooking, cover each egg with a slice of cheese.  Be careful not to overcook the eggs now, as the cheese will accelerate the cooking since it retains heat.

Place the egg and cheese over the gammon and dig in!

V F M!  mmmmmmmm

PS: Although we do our best to cook and eat healthily, this meal has taken quite a diversion and is not for the faint-hearted!!!

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