I’ve been patting myself on the back this week for making really quick, really healthy AND low-carb delicious snacks for work. I also purchased a large packet of fresh mixed greens that made for 3 portions of green-goodness when mixed with my lovely dressing. The trick is to pack your greens (and whatever else you’re having with your salad) in a separate container than the dressing and then mix it in just before you eat. Otherwise you’ll be having soggy salad, and that totally ruins your greens n’est-ce pas?

So – pack a container with your mixed greens, such as rocket, iceberg, baby spinach etc, add some chopped celery and perhaps fennel. Olives? Cucumber? For some added freshness throw in some cherry tomatoes and top up with parmesan gratings. You might even consider keeping the tomatoes and other ingredients separate from your leafy greens. Prolong the coming together of your salad as much as possible and most importantly keep it cool.

For your dressing – keep your old food jars, clean them well and use for this purpose – the simplest dressing I’ve made was with olive oil, chives and fennel seeds. You may add a small amount of balsamic vinegar too. The most important thing is that you have the best olive oil you can lay your hands on. You can’t go wrong from there. Shake your dressing vigorously just before serving and pour onto your salad. Crunch away!

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