Making deviled eggs is more fiddly¬†than it looks. First of all you need to do a good job of boiling them. Try not to overcook an egg, as you’ll get a grey layer around the yolk and the texture of the egg white will become rubbery. There are some useful tips on a previous blog post here and on this webpage here.

Once boiled, run the eggs under the cold water to facilitate the peeling. You want this step to run as smoothly as possible to keep the eggs intact. Once peeled, you may run the whole egg under water to remove any traces of shell. You don’t want to be biting into anything crunchy!

Very carefully cut the eggs into halves. Choose a good knife that will not give you rugged edges.

Remove the yolks gently. As you can see, if the eggs boiled with the yolk positioned towards the outer edge, then the egg white will not be strong enough to support filling and may fall apart. For this reason, you may decide to boil more eggs than you actually need. There are two ways to try avoiding this though:

1) use eggs that have been sitting in the fridge for a week, the yolk will automatically position itself in the middle of the egg

2) stir the eggs gently while they boil

Remove the yolks gently with a fork or spoon and place them in a bowl with mustard, mayonnaise and paprika. Play around with the amounts according to taste. Add salt and pepper if required.

Mix this up thoroughly with a fork or hand whisk. Next use either a piping bag or two spoons to fill your egg whites with your deviled egg mixture.

Here I used a lot of paprika so I got a dark colour; you may also substitute with curry, horseradish or chives. Decorate the plate with olives and peppers or a bunch of fresh parsley.

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