If you haven’t done so already, now is a good time to pick olives and cure them. I’m a week into the 7 week process and now it’s just a matter of waiting to find out if I got it right. Either that, or I have a jar of bitter inedible olives.

Avoid picking the olives with large scars as this might be an indication of larvae having burrowed into the fruit. Small marks or spots are fine. You can see an example here.

If you read through the above link you will see that they used a different method that takes longer and is more tedious. I asked around and found the method below to be more popular amongst the Maltese. Seeing as I’m using Maltese olives and that I rather use a simple method for my first time, this is what I chose.

For the first six days you will need to soak the olives in water and change the water daily. Make sure that all the olives are submerged at all times – you can do this by either placing a bowl or a freezer bag with water on top of your container as seen below.

Fill a jar with 2/3 clean water. Add enough rock salt to the water until a raw egg floats. You have now created your brine. Place your olives in the jar and seal tightly. I will be back with more news regarding these olives in 6 weeks..

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