The chicken BLT provides enough fuel for 2 hours of shopping in the Nine Streets. Best to add a macchiato, just in case..

Refreshing and healthy lunch, getting ready for some sight seeing and perhaps beer guzzling – grilled goat cheese salad with pears and fig jam at Le Pain Quotidien.

¬†If you’re ever in Amsterdam, you’ll come across lots of take-out places selling chips. Sometimes ONLY chips with a variety of sauces to choose from. It’s some kind of obsession; I’m not complaining.

Indonesian cuisine is very popular – and rather curious too. In most places you can ask for a mixed platter as shown below, where you get a very varied plate with vegetables, different kinds of meat, noodles and even a fried banana! I polished this off as everything was really good. If you’re really hungry or a small group of people, go for the taster menu where you get a lot of little dishes with¬†samples of different food on the menu. This was taken at Sama Sebo.

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