I’m forever searching for new ideas when it comes to food; and even more so with a low-carb lifestyle. I get bored with the same dishes and the issue becomes even more imminent when preparing snacks for the office. The winter months have been cruel and sometimes you really need something warm to revive you. So as you can imagine, any low-carb idea that can be heated in the microwave or sandwich toaster is considered golden in my books.

I’m very proud of this recipe. The result was not only delicious and healthy, but it reheated excellently. Needless to say the fresh result was the best, but we don’t always have that luxury. I chucked a piece of cheddar on before heating for about 2 minutes in the microwave and the result was a very satisfying work snack indeed.

The following amounts with make about 3 or 4 portions of quiche:

6 eggs

1/3 cup single cream

any vegetables of your choice: I used mushrooms, courgettes and sweet corn – about half to one cup of each

1 tablespoon chives (optional)

1 tablespoon parsely (optional)

Freshly ground black pepper to taste

Please note that corn is not deemed low carb as such, but you could easily replace this with other vegetables for example spinach, green peppers and so on. I hadn’t had sweet corn in months, so decided I could afford to include it in my quiche this time. Usually you could add cheese to your quiche mixture too and that will definitely make it more tasty. The herbs I used can be replaced if you prefer. In other words – as long as you have your eggs and cream, you can pretty much use your imagination as to what else goes in your quiche. The important thing to remember is that the vegetables won’t cook at the same rate; so if you use something like courgette you may want to cook it beforehand like I did. Also, it’s much easier if you cut up your vegetables into small pieces for this recipe.

Heat your oven to about 180 degrees as you start to prepare your mixture. First blend the eggs, cream and herbs. Then mix in your other ingredients of choice. That’s it, seriously. Butter your dishes or use spray oil so it won’t stick (although the egg mixture will usually detach itself from the dish at the edges). Check your quiche every now and then and remove from the oven when the eggs have set and the tops start to brown.

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