A first impression – sitting in the shade facing the sea on a glorious day, life buzzing by while you’re taking your sweet time choosing from the appetizing menu. Still in time for a leisurely brunch. Perfect.

U must do something exciting everyday. U must enjoy your life. U must exercise. U only have one body, use it in any way U can. It’s the greatest instrument U will ever own. U must get plenty of calcium. U must care for your friends and family. Understand them. U are an individual. U an U alone make your own choices. Maybe U will get rich, maybe U won’t. U will fall in love. U win some U lose some. U must have a balanced, healthy diet. U are what U eat. Who are U?

This is what it says on the U Bistrot business card. It’s just a card, but the pleasure of dining out lies in the little details, the service, the experience. The service here doesn’t disappoint. It IS service with a smile, with a little joke thrown in and it’s pleasingly accommodating. Have I said that a smile goes a long way? Especially when it’s not forced. The food is great with attention to detail, but I am simply smitten with the breakfast menu – what I have come to call ‘posh brunch’. So that is what I will be focusing my attention on.

Eggs Benedict served on a choice of either smoked salmon or smoked gammon on crunchy Maltese bread and topped with a divine and generous portion of Hollandaise sauce. This sauce tastes like a combination of egg yolk and mustard; so if you like a tangy taste, go for it. I want to try making my own soon, following Jamie Oliver’s recipe.

For a more traditional approach, go for the full English Breakfast made with fine ingredients and served on a tile. I enjoyed the presentation of this, but I’ve read a few reviews where the tile was dissed. Not a salient point in this case, since the grub was good and my eyes were pleased.

There are various places around the island (especially touristic areas) where one can get a decent, cheap breakfast and sometimes cheap and cheerful goes a long way. Alas, a lady of leisure cannot survive on decent breakfast alone.. sometimes she wants a posh brunch in the sun for an extra couple of euros. Yes, she does. And at U Bistrot they serve breakfast until noon, the setting is great, the staff polite and the portions plentiful. Contented sigh 🙂

U Bistrot

Balluta Bay, St. Julian’s Malta

+356 2311 2361



The above two pictures were taken at the Tart Cases stand, where I sampled the strawberry cooler (I’m thinking perfect for cocktails or mixing with lemonade at BBQs or days by the beach/pool) and the rosemary garlic butter. I bought the butter and also a mixed herbs jar called ‘everyday herbs’ and have been using them both a quick fixes in various recipes.



More compound butters at Emma’s Kitchen Project, with very intriguing names. At the time this stand was too inundated with people for me to take a closer look at their products, which I take as a great sign. Will look out for them at the next Patches Market though, because this is making me drool.



Irresistible banoffee cupcakes at Spice Kitchen (and I did not resist..). This company was previously known as Sweet Temptations but have now also started making savoury products such as vegetable stir fry (pictured above) and chili con carne. The owners come from Burmese and Indian backgrounds and embrace this in their cooking.


Pictured above – the fantastic beetroot chips accompanying a cheese platter, with vegetable crudites, nuts, Italians hams and olives. Plain crackers (not pictured) were also served.

Team this up with white or red wine according to personal preference and you can nibble away at leisure. This dish is easy to set up, just select a number of cheeses from the deli counter. Most specialty shops or even supermarkets will you let u sample the cheeses before deciding on which to buy.  These are my suggestions for variety when catering for a number of people:

– Try to include different textures and flavours. Most cheese belongs to one of four basic categories: aged, soft, firm, or blue. For a good variety, choose at least one from each group. Some examples:

Aged: Aged Cheddar, Goat Gouda

Soft: Brie and Camembert for richer tastes, mozzarella and Gbejna for more delicate flavours.

Firm: Parmigiano-Reggiano, Romano

Blue: Gorgonzola Dolce, Stilton

– You can also try selecting cheeses by the type of milk used (cow, goat, sheep).

– Serve at least one familiar cheese.

Remove cheeses from the fridge at least 40 minutes before serving as cold temperatures will mute the flavours.

I served a mature Cheddar, a rich Stilton and some creamy Brie.

Beetroot chips were gifted by my sponsor. They taste exactly like what you’d expect dried beetroot to taste, with no artificial additives or salt added. They’re tangy and earthy and your hand will just keep reaching out for more. Remember those New Year’s resolutions? Cutting out junk food is getting easier. Get your beetroot chips here.