Did you know that if you break up┬áthe florets of a raw cauliflower you can make a great alternative to rice or couscous? It’s that simple.

Remove the main stalk and any leaves, cut the cauliflower up roughly into chunks and pop the bits into your blender. Pulse briefly and your cauliflower will break up into a rice-like texture.

After that, cook for a few minutes with some olive oil, salt and pepper in a pan. You may use it raw if you prefer, but I find that the taste and texture improved once cooked. Not only did it taste good but it was so quick to make!

Here is your result:


Serve as you would rice, couscous or pasta:


If you love the fruits of the Mediterranean – it’s worth getting up early on a sunday morning every now and then to visit the fish market in Marsaxlokk. We’re lucky enough to live on an island so might as well reap the benefits. As for the market, the earlier the better when you’re looking for the freshest fish. However even when you’re early, do shop around before deciding on what to get.

Some tips on picking the better fish:

  • Have a look at the eyes – fresh fish will have eyes which are still slightly bulging and clear
  • Fresh fish doesn’t smell fishy, it smells almost sweet or not at all
  • The gills should be red. If they are pink or greyish then the fish has started to rot
  • If you notice a shiny glaze on a fish steak this might indicate that the fish has been frozen

We found these giant king prawns that needed very little garnishing and just a few minutes in a hot oven. Be very attentive with prawns – an extra minute of cooking and they’re suddenly too dry.

Simply smear with a good olive oil and garlic (optional). Place them in a hot oven and turn them after about 3 minutes. Melt-in-your-mouth-finger-lickin’-good!