This Wednesday 29th July at 8pm Palazzo Pereira in Valletta I will be reading some new poems at an event which utilizes a multi-disciplinary method to explore the Waltz. I’ve been discussing different aspects of the history of the Waltz, its reputation and different stages throughout the past centuries with the artistic director of Cleave [dance-theatre] Brandon Shaw.

I was invited to attend some rehearsals, during which I could get more a feel of what’s going on. In the run up to an evening of Waltz-related events, Cleave [dance-theatre] and other artists involved (watch out for Gisele Grima on piano!) will be presenting a ‘work in the works’ evening in Valletta that is free of charge.

Papa’s Waltz from

And now for my next trick… Photographer Jacob Sammut and I have been working on this project for almost a year now. Our ideas have evolved over time, and so has the city we’re focusing on – Birgu.

Birgu, or Cittá Vittoriosa is one of the oldest city on the Island, and it played an important role in the Siege of Malta in 1565. 2,633 people inhabit the 0.5 km2 city located on the south side of the Grand Harbour. Birgu was once a main city and has a long history of military and maritime activities. *source


The aim of this project is to preserve a vision and feel of how Birgu is right now, with sets of street photography and a poem to encompass this feeling. Have a look at more information here and get the chance to obtain perks in our indiegogo campaign!

The exhibition will be launched on Monday 20th July in the foyer at Auberge de France in Hilda Tabone Street Birgu and may be viewed thereafter during the Birgu local council’s opening hours until the 3rd of August 2015. The local council’s opening hours are from Monday to Friday from 8am – 12:30pm, 1:15pm-4:45pm and Saturday from 8am-12pm. (Telephone numbers 21662166 / 21807008 / 79662166)



Sometimes despite the chaos
There is a silence in you
That begs attention
A ghost ship, sailing in place
Majestic, distinguished
Holder of history
– Vittoriosa

(Miriam C)

The exhibition is being brought to you in collaboration with the Birgu Local Council and Ede Books.

Read some of my poetry here and here

My book Pomegranate Heart <3


From the scene Mermaid Chair

Artists – actors, musicians, poets and so on – we work for months on end on projects whilst juggling our day jobs, getting home late and cooking dinner. Somehow, somewhere we fit in doing the laundry and feeding the kitties. And it’s all worthwhile as long as the result is fruitful. In the end, when everything is set, lines and moves have been learned, we are nothing without YOU, the audience.


‘Your story on my body’ from the recently published poetry book Pomegranate Heart

PH-LAunch 2015 prt2-75

16 poems, 3 actors, 2 musicians
A beautiful space – lights, sounds, deep breaths and … WE’RE OFF!


the actors: from left Naomi Said, Brandon Shaw, Alba Florian Viton

Tomorrow is opening night, I’m equally anxious and excited that this long project is finally coming to a head. I’m also very curious to see what our audience will think of this multi-disciplinary creation of ours.



The fuzzhoneys – from left Caroline Spiteri and Francesca Mercieca

So, it’s your turn to do your bit now 🙂 Come watch us!

Tickets for Trap-ease from HERE.
Trap-ease FB event HERE.

Pomegranate Heart book HERE.
Info/Music by fuzzhoneys HERE.