I tasted this on a recent trip to Naples. Of course the first thing I did was say “The egg still has its shell on!” and then I just knew I had to share it with you all 🙂

The Casatiello is synonymous with Easter in Naples, specifically with Easter Saturday; a very rich and fatty savoury bread made with assorted salami, pancetta and cheeses, in which whole eggs (shell on!) are baked within the dough. And lard, lots of lard. Quite an unusual fatty meat-feast for Easter time!

In some versions, it is flavoured with pepper and baked into a large doughnut shape. The meat is omitted in this case and from what I gather the egg is considered to be the important ‘traditional’ part of this food since it is referred to as ‘Egg Pizza’

“In Italian homes various customs are observed on Holy Saturday. The parish priest passes from house to house blessing each with holy water. At dinner the head of the family blesses the table with a palm branch kept from Palm Sunday, and special cakes and a pizza made with eggs are eaten.” (From here.)

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