Quick! Chop up your spinach before it gets away!

Just like the Lasagne, cannelloni are surprisingly easy to make, despite the different layers. It takes some time, but you can make life easier by preparing the meat sauce beforehand. There is also the alternative of making the dish vegetarian, in which case preparation will take a shorter time as you can substitute the meat sauce with plain tomato sauce and the dish will be just as good (as long as you can make a mean tomato sauce of course, but more on that another time).

This time I decided to stuff my cannelloni with spinach and ricotta mix and to cover them in meat sauce. The dish turns out really rich and delicious.. but there are endless possibilities for variety too.

You will need about 200g fresh ricotta and 1 egg. Mash them up together and then add the spinach to your mix. To save timeĀ  and effort, I blended everything in my mixer. Please note that you don’t need to cook the spinach beforehand.

To make your meat sauce follow the link above. You will need to defrost it completely before use.

Place a layer of the meat sauce (1-2 ladles) in your oven dish.

Next stuff your cannelloni with the spinach and ricotta mix. Use a spoon or a piping bag. The piping bag will make your life much easier of course.

Place a layer of stuffed cannelloni side by side to fill your whole dish. On top of that place more meat/tomato sauce and finally some white sauce and (optional) parmesan/mozzarella/cheddar.

Place in a preheated oven at 180 degrees and cook for about 40 minutes until the top starts to brown and your pasta has cooked through. Let it sit for a few minutes before serving.

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